Our Ongoing Commitment to Sustainability

An overview of our current progress toward 2030 goals

At Fresh Del Monte, our sustainability efforts are rooted in every fiber of our business—from our farming operations to our vertically-integrated supply chain to the communities we support. Our efforts in 2022 reflect our ongoing commitment to sustainability.

In 2022, we achieved 94 percent of our SBTi-approved goal to reduce our scope 1 and scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 27.5 percent by 2030 compared to a 2019 base year. We also diverted 95 percent of our food waste from landfill and reduced our food waste by 41 percent. These are just a few of the achievements highlighted in our 2022 Sustainability report. It’s our hope that we continue to improve and inspire others to join us as we work towards building a Brighter World Tomorrow®.

Sustainability pillars


Protecting our planet

Protect and promote the health of our planet, its wildlife, and its natural resources.

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Living our values

Drive integrity, fairness, equity, and well-being across our operations and our supply chain to deliver on our mission.


Providing healthy choices

Encourage healthy lifestyles by providing fresh and wholesome food to our consumers.


Growing with our communities

Ensure the well-being of our communities and foster growth within each one of them.

Tracking our progress

Sustainability Progress Categories
Protecting our planet

2023 Target

At least 65% of sourced carton boxes globally will have to be certified as responsibly sourced (FSC, PEFC, SFI)


2025 Targets

Reduce scope 1 emissions from vessels by 10%


Plant or donate 2.5M trees


Monitor 100% protected areas, species inventory in reserves


Reduce virgin plastic in consumer packaging by 25%

Baselining in progress

2026 Target

Double recycled content in highly consumed secondary packaging


2027 Target

Double returnable plastic crates used


2030 Targets

Climate – Reduce GHG Emissions, Science-Based Target initiative alignment
   Scope 1 + 2= by 27.5%


   Scope 3 by 12.3%


Implement regenerative and soil health practices at 100% of farms


Improve water use efficiency in owned farming operations by 10%


80% of associate growers implementing water use efficiency practices


Reduce food loss and organic waste to landfill by 50%


2022 Highlights

  • Partnered with WWF to improve regenerative agriculture practices.
  • Decreased fuel consumption by 10%.
  • 21% of electricity from renewable sources.
  • Planted 2.2M trees since 2016.
Living our values

2030 Target

Improve employee satisfaction scores

To update in 2023

2022 Highlights

  • Developed a Human Rights Policy.
  • Conducted 72 social compliance assessments. 
  • Facilitated team member training:
    • 26,697 hours of human rights training. 
    • 6,533 hours of anti- harassment training.
Providing healthy choices

2025 Target

Achieve 100% of global product volume certified as sustainably grown by a third-party


2022 Highlights

  • Launched the Del Monte Zero™ pineapple, our first carbon-neutral certified pineapple taking into account activities from farm to market. 
  • Introduced the mini Honeyglow pineapple which was developed based on consumer preference for more conveniently sized pineapples.
with our communities & suppliers

2025 Targets

Support 300 community projects that leave lasting change


Provide education to 20,000 students and adult learners


Contribute to a green economic recovery from COVID-19 in our communities


2022 Highlights

  • All first-tier product growers met GLOBALG.A.P standards.
  • Updated our Vendor Code of Conduct and introduced a more rigorous screening and vendor flagging process, vetting suppliers against additional human rights, regulatory, and environmental criteria.
  • Expanded community programs across our five focus areas, from donating food to schools and daycares in Baltimore to engaging in multistakeholder collaboration with GIZ in Costa Rica and Guatemala.

Read more about our sustainability efforts

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Learn more about our comprehensive approach to creating sustainable practices and how it permeates our entire organization.
2021 Sustainability Report

Read more about our sustainability efforts

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Learn more about our comprehensive approach to creating sustainable practices and how it permeates our entire organization.