Vendors and Growers

Our vendors and growers are valued partners that uphold and abide by our same ethical and business standards.

Our principles

As our valued partner – whether you’re a vendor of goods or services or a grower – we expect the same level of ethical conduct and respect of standards from you and your operation. We expect our vendors and growers to fully comply with local and international laws and regulations regarding bribery, corruption, and other untoward business practices.

Vendor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

Vendor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct Compliance Certificate

Human Rights Policy

Code of Conduct and Business Policy
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No Forced or Involuntary Labor

Our vendors and growers will not use forced or involuntary labor of any type. Employment must be entirely voluntary.

The Company has zero tolerance for involuntary labor of any kind, and will terminate its business relationship with any vendor or grower who uses involuntary labor or purchases from any subcontractor who uses involuntary labor of any kind.


Wages and Working Hours

Our vendors and growers must ensure that workers are paid at least the minimum legal wages or the local industry standard, whichever is greater. They shall carry out operations in ways that limit overtime to a level that ensures humane and productive working conditions.


Child Labor

Our vendors and growers must meet the local minimum legal age and must comply with all local child labor laws, including those related to hiring, wages, hours worked, overtime and working conditions.


Health and Safety

Our vendors and growers must treat all workers with respect and dignity and provide them with a safe and healthy working environment and, where provided, living environment. They must comply with all applicable laws regarding working conditions.


Human Rights and Employment Practices

The Company values, honors and respects differences and diversity in its employees, customers, vendors. The Company expects our vendors and growers to provide a work environment that offers equal opportunity to its employees and that is free from unlawful discrimination or harassment; one in which each employee is treated with dignity and respect.


Protection of the Environment

Our vendors and growers comply with applicable local environmental laws, regulations, and standards and adopt and implement the best practices that protect the environment.

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