One community, four teams, and a common goal to empower employee engagement.

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What is the FreshTeam?

Empowered people are productive people. The FreshTeam works to engage team members by motivating, inspiring, and connecting them through a variety of programs and events.

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Community Outreach

We’re shaped by the communities we operate in. This team connects our local efforts to a common goal: to make our communities a better place to live in.

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Communications FreshTeam

Communication is key. This team amplifies company initiatives to encourage employees to participate and provides updates on company goals and achievements.

Keeping people connected and up-to-date—no matter what country they work in—is paramount.

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Mentoring FreshTeam

We’re building a mentoring mindset within the company and it starts by helping team members build trusted relationships.

Our mentor program pairs team members together and fosters trusted relationships, networking, and continuous learning opportunities.

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Engagement FreshTeam

This team developed a global engagement program so every team member feels connected and valued.

The goal is to bring team members together through thoughtful interactions including month-long initiatives, internal contests, and speaker sessions.

Why the FreshTeam?

Because engaged employees are among a company’s biggest assets. We want our team members to be motivated by their work, inspired by their impact, and looking for ways to grow. That’s what the FreshTeam is all about.

Work with us

Help us further our mission to provide wholesome foods to communities around the world.