Our Supply Chain

As a vertically integrated company, we have the unique ability to impact our entire supply chain and integrate sustainability practices into the journey, from farm to store.

Agricultural operations

We have owned farms and contracts with associate growers to grow and harvest our fresh produce. We provide technical support and guidance to enable growers to produce a top-quality product, using cutting-edge technology that is in harmony with nature.

To support the expansion of sustainable and ethical agricultural practices, we are actively involved with industry associations in our operation regions.

Packaging house

The quality assurance process begins on the farms and continues as harvested products enter our packaging facilities. We require extensive sampling of our fresh produce at each stage of the production and distribution process.

We manufacture a significant portion of our primary and secondary packaging and design it to reduce both food waste and environmental impact.


To move our products quickly and efficiently to ensure peak freshness, we have a logistics network of vessels and trucks. Once our products make their way from farms or packaging facilities, we load them onto one of our 13 vessels. To reduce our carbon emissions, we recently purchased six fuel-efficient vessels to significantly reduce our fuel consumption and associated CO2e emissions from shipping vessels.


Our trucks move our products from farms and packaging facilities to the ports where they can be shipped worldwide. Then, at the final port of call, our trucks pick up the products and deliver them to the distribution center within three days.

center and fresh
cut facilities

Here, our fresh and fresh-cut produce is arranged for distribution where our customers—retail stores, food service operators, wholesalers, and distributors—can buy it for our consumers to enjoy.

To consumer

The last stop is our consumers! Whether you are buying our fresh whole produce for your family at the grocery store or picking up fresh-cut fruit for a snack, you can be sure your item was delivered at the peak of freshness.

Leverage our logistics network

You can use our extensive logistics network—whether it’s ocean freight or ground shipping—to transport your goods.

Network shipping image

Network shipping

Our vast shipping network transports goods around the world while keeping our planet in mind. We’ve invested in making our shipping more sustainable without compromising delivery times. The recent purchase of six fuel-efficient vessels means we can significantly reduce our fuel consumption and associated CO2e emissions from shipping vessels.

Tricont Trucking photo

Tricont Trucking

Our trucking arm, Tricont Trucking, moves products from the farms and packaging facilities to the ports, and from the ports to the distribution center within three days. We offer space in our vehicles for reliable ground transportation.

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