What is Regenerative Agriculture?

We’re working to extend our sustainable agriculture programs beyond our own operations to create resilient and multifunctional landscapes throughout our entire watersheds.

We take a scientific approach to developing regenerative practices for agricultural production.

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of owned land set aside to preserve biodiversity and protect wildlife

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of our global product value, coming from our Pindeco and Bandeco farms, is sustainably grown, as certified by SCS Global Services

A holistic

For us, regenerative agriculture is a holistic approach that includes increasing soil health, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, ecosystem health, and water availability and quality throughout our operations. It not only preserves the lands we grow in but helps to protect entire ecosystems and create resilient landscapes.

Soil health

Soil is where our crops meet the environment. Our scientists are working in the field to explore, validate, and implement best practices to address soil fertility, organic matter, soil structure, biodiversity of beneficial organisms, and soil erosion. These best practices are used in our own farms but we also share our knowledge with our associate growers.

Carbon sequestration

The forests in and around our operations are critical areas for sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We harness the innate ability of our forests to achieve carbon neutrality by protecting forest ecosystems, reforesting new areas in our lands with native tree species, and involving and empowering our local communities through education and tree-planting activities.

Two of our largest operations—our pineapple (Pinedeco) and banana (Bandeco) farms in Costa Rica—are now certified carbon neutral by SCS Global Services.


Biodiversity increases the overall health and resiliency of a landscape. More than a quarter of our owned land—nearly 10,000 hectares—is designated as protected forests throughout our farms, benefiting biodiversity and the health of our soil and ecosystems.

Ecosystem health

Our agricultural landscapes are functional ecosystems and we aim to provide products for consumers while conserving biodiversity. We set aside significant tracts of land to increase biodiversity and work to maximize ecosystem services, including carbon sequestration, pollination, erosion reduction, and improvements in water quality.

Water conservation

Climate change is one of the main reasons we need to reduce water use. We are working to improve our water monitoring capabilities and to reduce our water footprint by investing in upgrades of existing infrastructure to more efficient drip irrigation systems, maintenance programs that allow equipment and pipes to operate more efficiently, and systems to recycle and reuse water.

Relying on research and development

We drive agricultural innovation across our operations, raising the bar for the industry. We use the latest scientific research from our research and development team and our partners, to make and manage the implementation of recommendations on pest and disease control, plant nutrition, and soil management.

Smart farming

Smart farming allows us to optimize agricultural production while reducing environmental impacts.

Digital yield maps

We create digital yield maps of every field to help us better understand the interactions between soil, pests and diseases, and agricultural practices.

Drone usage

By using multispectral imagery taken by drones we can detect disease in the very early stage, allowing us to prevent further spread which results in fewer losses and reduced pesticide use. Drones can also be used to apply herbicide more precisely than a traditional spray method, reducing our overall usage.

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Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Learn more about our comprehensive approach to creating sustainable practices and how it permeates our entire organization.
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Read more about our sustainability efforts

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Learn more about our comprehensive approach to creating sustainable practices and how it permeates our entire organization.