While providing fresh produce is at our core, we have other business lines that are complementary. Our commercial cargo services include ocean freight and ground transportation. We also have restaurants and food and beverage locations that serve our fresh prepared foods.

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Our ocean freight services

Our vast shipping network transports goods around the world while keeping our planet in mind. We’ve invested in making our shipping more sustainable without compromising delivery times. Our vessels are available to use for your cargo transfer needs.

Commercial Cargo

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Our trucking services

Our trucking arm, Tricont Trucking & Logistics, moves products from the farms and packaging facilities to the ports, and from the ports to the distribution center within three days. We offer space on our vehicles for third parties to use our reliable ground transportation.



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Our food and beverage concepts

Providing fresh food to consumers is a part of who we are. Our restaurants came from the idea that consumers should have access to healthy food on-the-go. Our food and beverage outlets are in strategic locations and offer a variety of high-quality, fresh choices including juices, fresh salads, made-to-order sandwiches, and more.

Our latest restaurant concept, called FRSHst and currently only available in the U.S., has the same goal of providing fresh food on-the-go, but with a full kitchen.

Convenient locations. Fresh food.

We serve healthy food when you need it most. Our food and beverage stores can be found across the Middle East in convenient locations like airports and hospitals. Find us in Hamad International Airport in Qatar, Rashid Hospital in United Arab Emirates, and King Abdulaziz International Airport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, just to name a few.

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