National Poultry Company (NPC) began production of high quality poultry products in 1997 as a modern slaughtering facility serving the Jordanian market as well as other Arab neighboring countries.

NPC is a vertically integrated company controlling its production from breeder chicks and feed supply all the way up to the distribution of poultry meat. The main objective is to meet consumer’s expectations as well as the industrial and commercial sector needs by supplying a wide range of products that are produced with the most stringent global quality standard. With its continuous development, NPC became the largest and most successful poultry company in Jordan creating over 1,450 jobs for local male and female employees of varying qualifications.

NPC conducts all of its operations under the stringent rules of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ISO 9002 and HACCP in all its manufacturing facilities.

The business module includes breeder farms, hatchery, broiler farms, feed mills, slaughterhouses and a state of the art meat plant. The meat plant operations started in 2008 when a wide range of frozen breaded, burgers, emulsifies, marinated and aged beef, chicken and turkey products were introduced to local markets as well as exported to other Middle East countries.

The sales of NPC consist of fresh and frozen whole chicken and cutups, as well the meat processing products with a specification that meets different market segmentation requirements.