Rubyglow® is currently available in China and North America.

A True Gem

Resembling a ruby with its red outer skin, Rubyglow® pineapples stand out from the crowd. With their striking red exterior and sweet, yellow interior they are truly one of a kind. Only a few thousand will be produced this year, furthering their resemblance to the scarce gem.

Born in Costa Rica

The iconic Rubyglow® pineapple — a fruit like no other — was created in Costa Rica after 16 years of research. It is sourced from the tropical rainforest to ensure the freshest taste possible with the highest quality. The red-shelled, hybrid fruit with its classically yellow interior was created using traditional crossbreeding techniques.

The Red Legend

As the leaders of pineapple innovation, we’re excited to debut our latest creation, the Rubyglow® pineapple. Named for the ruby and its rich red color, scarce supply, and association with luxury, this exceptional fruit offers a special experience to those who appreciate uniqueness.

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