Making Avocado Processing More Efficient

August 5, 2021
packing house aerial view

Our avocados come principally from Mexico, where we grow, sort and pack the produce ourselves, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality avocados year-round. We have built a state-of-the-art avocado packing house, equipped with energy-efficient technologies and other features that reduce electricity use and GHG emissions, including:

Energy Efficient Lighting
• All packing house lighting is LED, using 80 percent less energy compared with conventional lighting
• LED lights are equipped with voltage regulator technology to minimize energy use when natural light is detected
• All of our cooling rooms and halls have automated motion detectors and timers to reduce energy consumption while not in use

Adjustable Equipment
• State-of-the-art bio-degradable, nonhazardous glycol-water refrigeration with a variable capacity system that uses less energy when less cooling is required
• Zoned air conditioning systems, allowing us to control use by area and use only what is necessary

Design Elements
• Building windows are oriented North-South to avoid direct entrance of sun radiation, keeping the building naturally cooler
• Strategically located interior yards to increase natural lighting

The facility also has a very successful waste reduction program. In fact, we make sure that no food waste goes to landfill. Any avocados that cannot be sold are sent to local oil producers to make avocado oil, and any residual waste such as small branches and leaves from the avocado are sent to compost. Lastly, we have systems in place to reduce our water intensity by collecting and using both rainwater and condensation water from the refrigeration units.

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