Sembraton 2023

July 3, 2023

In May and June, we held various activities as part of Sembraton 2023, in partnership with GIZ (German Development Agency.  

Across our farms in Costa Rica, including Babilonia, Lomas, Los Angeles, and San Cayetano, we planted hundreds of trees and invited local communities to join us in preserving and restoring the surrounding ecosystems.  



At Babilonia, we worked with GIZ, Guacimo High School students, and National Company of Electricity (ICE) to plant 450 trees. These trees were planted to restore the landscape inthe biological corridor of the Parismina River, which is very important to protect “Bobo” fish. 

At the San Cayetano farm, we were joined by students from Zapote Primary School and GIZ to plant trees for landscape restoration along the Sucio River in La Danta Reserve. 


At Lomas, together with GIZ and Bio-alianza we planted 350 trees. We also donated tools to allow for a new tree nursery to open at Lomas school, upholding our commitment to ecological education now and for future generations.  

At Los Angeles farm, we involved students from the local school and planted 1000 local trees so a small forest will grow in this area in the future and provide food and shelter to many birds and animals.  

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