Mann Packing Co. Introduces Mèzete™ Hummus at Select Costco Canada East Club Stores; Pablo Rivero and Salid Khaled Kasih Discuss

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Premium-quality, ready-to-eat, and delicious, Fresh Del Monte N.A. is entering the Canadian market in a blaze as its subsidiary Mann Packing Co. partners with Mèzete™ to introduce its long-awaited gourmet hummus at select Costco Canada East Club Stores in Ontario and Québec.

“Mèzete is driven by a passion to share with the world authentic Eastern Mediterranean flavors, elevating the standards of ready-to-eat hummus and other traditional foods that have been enjoyed for centuries throughout the region,” said Pablo Rivero, Vice President Marketing North America, Fresh Del Monte. “Our mission is to bring health-conscious consumers a taste of the Mediterranean through products that use all-natural ingredients and have zero preservatives, without compromising nutrition or flavor, while creating meaningful experiences with each meal shared with family and friends.”

The Mèzete Gourmet Hummus Variety Pack is shelf-stable and carefully designed for Costco members to enjoy a savory snack that contains 100 percent natural ingredients with no preservatives. Each variety pack includes Zesty Mixed Herbs (3x containers) and Fire Roasted Red Pepper (2x containers) (1075 g total). Suggested retail pricing is $12.99 CAD. Shoppers can expect to find the new product in Costco Canada East Club Stores as a continuation of the company’s global expansion efforts.

“Twenty-eight years ago, we dreamt of producing a gourmet hummus that’s true to Eastern Mediterranean authentic taste. No compromise No shortcuts. Hummus that’s exactly true to what we enjoy here in Amman-Jordan. Rich in tahini, velvety smooth, and with a basic recipe of all-natural ingredients,” said Salid Khaled Kasih, Chief Executive Officer of Mèzete and Kasih Foods Production. “We truly believed that with hard work, innovation, and true dedication, we would have a product that would win the admiration of consumers across the world. Today, we are humbled to have the chance to present Mèzete Hummus to Costco Canada East Region members.”

According to the release, Mèzete hummus is the culmination of two decades of extensive research and development, complemented by cutting-edge Ultra High Temperature (UHT) aseptic food processing technology that enables the products to sustain a long non-refrigerated shelf-life without artificial preservatives. After opening, Mèzete products can last up to three days in the fridge. Canadian consumers can now have fresh gourmet hummus on-hand with safe home pantry storage at ambient temperature, without the risk of spoilage.

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