Community Waterway Stewardship in Guatemala

August 5, 2021
biodiversity board

A watershed is an area of land where all water flows to a single stream, river, lake or ocean. Conceptualizing water resiliency beyond the boundaries of our own operations is critical, as climate risk and stakeholder actions throughout our watershed will have an impact on our water availability.

Beyond our own direct impacts, we look at how we can address sustainability issues in interconnected lands and waterways. In Guatemala, we work in partnership with the local government to remove and recycle waste from eight nearby rivers.

To do this, our teams created Biobards, long floating nets that rest on the river surface and collect waste as it moves down current. This innovative solution has allowed us to remove and recycle almost 2866 pounds of waste directly from local waterways since the end of 2019. Trash is collected and weighed once a week, then an external supplier removes the trash to its recycling processing plants.

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