Del Monte Launches La Original, A Limited Edition ‘Greener’ Pineapple for Spain

As seen in Fresh Plaza.

Fresh Del Monte, the leader of the pineapple market, is introducing its latest innovation in the Spanish market this week, La Original. This pineapple is more environmentally friendly, a reflection of the company’s commitment to sustainability. The latest product of the brand that created the MD2 variety three decades ago, under the Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet name has become a benchmark globally. The company now proposes a limited edition called La Original which, despite being green on the outside, has a golden, juicy, sweet pulp that has the characteristic acidic and natural flavors consumers expect from this fruit.

“To achieve this combination, our experts carry out meticulous work on the farms on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, which have made a commitment to cultivating La Original without using ripening regulators. Having no contact with any of these products, such as etephon, the fruit matures naturally with homogeneous color, and, thanks to the knowledge of our farmers, each fruit is harvested at the right moment, when they have the optimal content of nutrients, in particular fibers and vitamins,” stated Patricio Heras, commercial director of Del Monte Iberia. “Thanks to these unique characteristics, La Original could become the favorite fruit of a demanding audience of young women and men that want to eat delicious healthy food and are strongly committed to the environment,” he added.

Fresh Del Monte has been working for a long time to reduce the threats of climate change and preserve biodiversity. All of its pineapple farms in Costa Rica benefit from the Sustainably Grown certification granted by the world-renowned Scientific Certification Services (SCS). In addition, many of them have achieved carbon neutrality. The company has made great progress in this area following the United Nations call to all countries, institutions, and companies to take ambitious initiatives in the face of the enormous risks that threaten biodiversity worldwide.

Hans Sauter, Fresh Del Monte’s Chief Sustainability Officer who was invited last October as a speaker at the World Biodiversity Summit in Glasgow, stated: “With a view to 2030, we at Fresh Del Monte have committed to implementing regenerative agriculture, taking care of the health of the soils of all our cultivated areas in the world. We want to inspire all actors in the industry and in the entire supply chain (including the final consumer) so that everyone can make the urgent decisions that the planet requires.”

The company will promote this launch via a communication campaign it will carry out throughout Spain, both in points of sale and in mass media, and with an ad, which was filmed in Costa Rica by a local audiovisual production team and which will be released at the end of the year.

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