Fresh Del Monte Emphasizes Biodiversity

As seen in Fruit Net.

Leading fresh produce producer-distributor-marketer Fresh Del Monte Produce has emphasised the need for the industry to tackle the issue of biodiversity if it is to have a sustainable future.

In the lead-up to an appearance at GreenBiz, Fresh Del Monte’s chief sustainability officer and senior vice-president of research and development, Hans Sauter said collaboration was key to preserving biodiversity and treating nature as an asset rather than experiencing the risks of biodiversity loss.

“Incorporating biodiversity conservation into business management is critical as the industry faces two interconnected crises, including biodiversity loss across the globe and soil loss and degradation, leading to the threat of extinction of wildlife and loss of productive agricultural land,” said Sauter.

“As an agricultural company, we have the responsibility to continue to be part of the solution by implementing regenerative agricultural practices and innovative collaborations with novel partners. We hope both large and small growers will join us in finding new approaches to not only optimize production, but conserve biodiversity.”

Sauter said Fresh Del Monte believes understanding the on-farm risk of environmental issues can help companies justify new management approaches to enhance ecosystem health while increasing operational resilience.

Last year, Fresh Del Monte announced plans to develop a three-year multi-stakeholder partnership with local organizations, government agencies, and communities to ensure the sustainability of landscapes in Costa Rica and in Guatemala.

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