Fresh Del Monte Aims to Sell Fairtrade Certified Organic Bananas in the U.S.

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Fresh Del Monte is expanding its fresh fruit offering and now sells Fair Trade Certified organic bananas in Canada and is working to start selling Fairtrade certified bananas in the U.S.

Worldwide sales of Fairtrade bananas have increased steadily year-over-year, according to Statista, signaling consumers want to purchase bananas that are grown sustainably and ethically, the company said in a release.

“The move is another example of how Fresh Del Monte is working to make a positive impact worldwide and build a Brighter World Tomorrow,” the company said. “Our Fairtrade certified bananas are sourced from small growers in areas where we don’t have our own operations and therefore can’t make a direct, positive impact on the community like we do in our growing regions.”

Fresh Del Monte says the Fairtrade certified seal indicates that “rigorous standards” have been met, including safe working conditions, environmental protection, the promotion of sustainable livelihoods and creation of community development funds.

By purchasing Fairtrade certified bananas, the consumer is directly supporting smaller growers who might not have otherwise had an opportunity in the international market, and who comply with high social, environmental and economic standards for their operations, the release said, adding that $1 per box goes back to those local organizations for community projects, such as healthcare, education and sustainable farming.

“It is incredibly important to us as a company to use ethical and sustainable growing practices,” said Hans Sauter, chief sustainability officer and senior vice president of research and development at Fresh Del Monte. “By selling Fairtrade certified bananas from smaller growers in regions we don’t operate in, we’re expanding where we can make a positive impact, which is part of our culture and how we are working to build A Brighter World Tomorrow.”

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