Fresh Del Monte Expands to Israeli Market with Green Kiwis

As seen in Fresh Plaza.

Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc., a supplier of fresh fruit, is proud to announce the first successful sale of its Greek-origin kiwis in Israel. This product will be available from November until May and it will be distributed on the Israeli markets by Del Monte official distributors. The focus of Del Monte is to better penetrate the Israeli market with a whole range of fresh products, in order to reinforce the brand awareness in the country and to build a constant presence of our produce into the basket of the Israeli consumers.

This market is representing a target of expansion within our strategy to further develop our presence into the Europe and Africa Region along with other line of business to be opened in several countries into the Sub Saharan Africa. Kiwis are well known for being rich with vitamins and potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. For production, Del Monte® kiwis are hand-packed, then palletized and transported in cold rooms until they are loaded in refrigerated trucks to their final destination.

Marina Bastianelli, Fresh Del Monte Business Development Manager, comments: “We are pleased to announce the arrival of the Greek Del Monte Kiwi in Israel! Thanks to the recent import openings, we can finally bring this fruit to your tables. The Del Monte® Kiwi is grown sustainably and with great care by our farmers. We are proud to be able to offer the Del Monte Kiwi to our Israeli customers, and we are confident that this fruit will soon become a must-have addition to your diet. Try it today and discover the unique taste and freshness of the Del Monte Kiwi!”

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