Fresh Del Monte Produce Makes Progress on Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals; Hans Sauter Shares

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Striving to make positive environmental impacts, Fresh Del Monte recently shared the exciting progress it has made toward its key 2030 goals that it committed to with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

“We’ve been seeing the effects of climate change and global warming for quite some time now, and given the current weather conditions the world is facing, the urgency to address the growing climate crisis is stronger than ever,” said Hans Sauter, Chief Sustainability Officer and Senior Vice President of R&D. “Although we are proud of the action we’ve taken tomeet our SBTi goals, we want to encourage others to join in this fight to slow down climate change, and help conserve and protect the health of our planet and its natural resources.”

Already, Fresh Del Monte has reduced greenhouse gas emissions for scope 1 and 2 by 22 percent compared to its 2019 baseline, according to a release. This drop was achieved through operational enhancements including the purchase of six more efficient vessels that meet strict emission control regulations.

Through the purchase of these new vessels, Fresh Del Monte predicts that it will save nearly 19,000 metric tons of fuel each year.

In addition to its vessels, Fresh Del Monte has reduced greenhouse gas emissions in many of its facilities. Currently, the company is only 5.5 percentage points from its 2030 goals, which includes the reduction of emissions by 27.5 percent.

Moving forward, the company is excited to release its 2021 Sustainability Report this fall, which will share more of its advancements and achievements in the hopes of inspiring others to create a more sustainable world.

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