Del Monte Fresh Produce is a leading year-round supplier of premium quality melons in North America. With our farms in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and the USA, we control the quality of our melons from field to plate. In addition to the traditional varieties of cantaloupes, honeydews, and watermelons, our melon category includes several new varieties that continue to attract consumers’ interest and taste buds.

We also offer a proprietary melon called MAG.nificent® Melon . We set out to develop an exceptional melon variety that meets consumers’ growing demand for a melon that is consistent in quality, flavor, and aroma. MAG.nificent® Melon has a unique, rich golden shell color and brings back the extra sweet cantaloupe taste and aroma that consumers enjoy.


Suggested Uses

Del Monte melons can be enjoyed as a fresh desert, breakfast, or added to other recipes and salads for a sweet kick. Melons can also be juiced for a refreshing drink.