Del Monte Fresh cut fruit and vegetables for foodservice venues are 100% fresh and available in bulk and individually portioned packs. We have best in class food safety systems and can customize cuts, sizes, mixes, and packs depending on your needs.

Fresh cut fruits and vegetables can help ease labor pains and give your restaurants more time to focus on delivering only the best to your patrons.
You will find that you will see:

  • Consistency in cut, quality, price, and yield savings.
  • Reduction in waste, storage space, preparation time, and food preparation accidents.
  • Lower labor related expenses due to fewer employee problems and supervisory time, as well as savings in training expenses.
fresh cut

Suggested Uses

Del Monte fresh cut fruits and vegetables are ready to consume or cook. They can be added to recipes to save labor or offered in individual cups for your patrons to eat as a healthy snack or side. We also offer bulk fresh cut product to add to salad bars.