The quality assurance (QA) function has far reaching responsibilities in keeping with Del Monte Fresh Produce’s emphasis on consistently providing superior quality products. The QA function specifies the temperature and relative humidity conditions to be used for shipping our agricultural products. QA for fresh and fresh cut operations facilitates communication between our production units, shipping and business customers. QA inspections are conducted at source and destination markets in order to monitor product quality for sales and feedback to production and shipping. A key responsibility of the corporate QA department is to insure that evaluation standards are consistently applied at all sources and markets. This is accomplished through the development of QA manuals, training materials, personnel training and periodic exchange visits for the QA managers.

Also part of the quality assurance group is a technical services team that provides training to supermarket clients (for example ripening procedures, storage and handling practices) and trouble shoots problems through supply chain audits for the purpose of providing feedback to clients as well as to Del Monte Fresh Produce Company. A third team, also part of QA, oversees certification systems.

Our quality assurance managers are trained in food safety principles and work closely with our corporate food safety group to ensure the wholesomeness of our products. Just as the Company’s produce offerings have paid careful attention to each link in the production and distribution chain, our lines of fresh cut and repack products have also addressed all aspects of quality assurance and food safety. These programs are organized around a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan that is audited both internally and by third party inspections.