From the moment our products are harvested, speed is of the essence. Therefore, we swiftly transport our fresh produce and beverages to markets worldwide using a fleet of 11 owned and 6 chartered refrigerated vessels. We move the products via trucks to the seaports served by our ships. Our products are then carefully loaded  into chilled holds for safe transportation. Our ships are also used to transport the materials we use to pack our products and cargo provided by our commercial cargo customers.

In total, 90 percent of our products are transported by vessel to distribution facilities operated by us or our agents. Once we unload the products and perform final quality checks, our distribution facilities, with their state-of-the-art refrigeration warehouses move our products out as quickly as possible to our customers.

To maximize the efficiency of our ships and the profitability of our shipping operations, we also offer inbound and outbound ocean cargo carrier services to third parties.

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