At Del Monte Fresh Produce, we manage our supply chain to provide our products to our customers, at the very peak of freshness. A key element in our logistics network is our land trucking operation with 24/7 coverage, 365 days a year, monitors all loads and provides our customers updates of deliveries in a timely manner. Del Monte Fresh Produce’s logistics department manages the cold chain from source to customer using a mix of asset-based carriers and our trucking company, Tricont Trucking Company. Asset-based carriers are required to comply with Del Monte Fresh Produce’s cold chain policy and procedures, in addition, all of our approved asset-based carriers go through on-site inspections prior to loading.

Tricont Trucking Company is used to support Del Monte Fresh Produce’s distribution network in North America and makes sure the product is managed within the cold chain, with associates that focus on proper product delivery, procedures and customer service. Our trucks meet strict safety and cold chain regulations, and our drivers and regular maintenance help to ensure compliance.

If interested in applying for CDL A driving position at Tricont Trucking, please send an email to