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“When your storage needs keep changing, I change with them.”

Kerry Johnson Warehouse & Operations Manager

Getting bananas on your shelves at the peak of ripeness has gotten, well, bananas. These days, logistics and produce storage needs change by the hour. You don’t have the time or resources to move produce to your own ripening warehouse. You just need the freshest produce possible, ready to eat the instant your customers want it.

Rather than constantly reacting to changes, Kerry Johnson and his team have gotten ahead of them by enhancing their system to instantly adapt. Not only are they even more responsive than before COVID-19, but they’re now handling many of the processes that, until recently, were controlled by retailer distribution centers. They can even accommodate storage temperature changes in the warehouse so that ripening techniques can be easily accelerated or slowed according to demand.

The result looks exactly like things used to look — produce delivered on time, at the peak of freshness. And right now, that says a lot.

“When your shelves are empty, I roll up my sleeves.”

Paul Obos Merchandiser

Shelves don’t stock themselves. Before COVID-19, it was easy to stock during predictably show shopping times, and prepare for the busy times you knew were coming. Now, every day is totally different. And absent employees leave you with no one to do the job, even when there is time. Paul Obos understands that empty shelves are a missed opportunity. When he saw the empty shelves and disorder his supermarket customers were struggling with, he took it upon himself to double his workload. He now sees 10, even 12, stores every day — twice as many as before. He’s helping produce managers better adapt and adjust, and plenty of times, he unloads, sorts, stocks shelves and even cleans.

Being able to rely on a partner who is on-site so frequently helps Paul’s customers restore some normalcy to shelves and stores.

“When your drivers are no-shows, I grab my keys.”

Randall Rhodes Market Lead Driver

You can’t sell produce you don’t have. Thanks to COVID-19, retailers either have too many trailers or too few drivers — clogging loading bays, bogging down schedules and delaying deliveries of perishables.

So when a retailer had 10 truckloads of fresh produce ready to transport from their warehouse to stores, but all their drivers were out sick, Randall Rhodes understood what was at stake. Randall and his team quickly coordinated a crew of Del Monte Fresh drivers to sub in for the retailer, picking up their produce and making the deliveries for them.

Randall’s responsiveness helped the retailer avoid delays, and the produce was delivered to shelves, fresh and ready.

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